Buffalo Springfield Again

The second Buffalo Springfield album was released in October 1967. Neil Young, who had actually quit the group but then returned before the recordings, claimed this is the best Buffalo Springfield album and many will agree on that.

Buffalo Springfield Again cover


1. Mr. Soul
2. A Child's Claim To Fame
3. Everydays
4. Expecting To Fly
5. Bluebird
6. Hung Upside Down
7. Sad Memory
8. Good Time Boy
9. Rock & Roll Woman
10. Broken Arrow

Even that the songs aren’t superior the production is far better this time compared to the first album, Buffalo Springfield. Charles Greene and Brian Stone who produced the previous album was out and Richie Furay, Jack Nitzsche, Stephen Stills, Neil Young did the job this time. Jack Nitzsche who had been working with Phil Spector, was also involved in some of the tracks.

Considering the circumstances with lots of turbulence within the band, Buffalo Springfield Again was a great effort. Neil Young’s songs – “Mr. Soul”, “expecting to Fly”, and “Broken Arrow” are better fitted in place this time. Stephen Stills had written the rest of the songs.

But the Buffalo Springfield wouldn’t get the big break trough even this time. None of the three singles () would climb high on the charts.

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