Chrome Dreams II

The album Chrome Dreams II was released in October 2007 by Neil Young. It was produced by Neil Young, and Niko Bolas and was released on the Reprise label.

Chrome Dreams II cover


1. Beautiful Bluebird
2. Boxcar
3. Ordinary People
4. Shining Light
5. The Believer
6. Spirit Road
7. Dirty Old Man
8. Ever After
9. No Hidden Path
10. The Way

The title Chrome Dreams II implicate that it should be a "Chrome Dreams I". There is not studio album title Chrome Dreams I though. The background to Chrome Dreams II is a non-released collection of songs from the same period as American Stars 'n Bars.

As seen on the cover, "Chrome Dreams" are associated with cars, and more precise a '55 Chrysler - Neil Young do without no doubt like old cars.

The album starts with the country tune "Beautiful Bluebird", but except for "Ever After" the continuation is rock. "Ordinary People" does in arrangement and the political stand remind of the previous album, but otherwise the brass section is absent or unobtrusively.

The first song is a beautiful piece, which verse goes:

Beautiful bluebird
See how she flies
Looks like she's always goin' home
If heaven had a window
Where the sun came shinin' through
Like a beautiful bluebird
I'd come flyin' back to you.

Chrome Dreams II has some great moments, but it might be hard to point at same songs that are really strong and would qualify for the "Neil Young canon". 

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