Harvest Moon

The album Harvest Moon was released in October 1992 by Reprise. It was produced by Neil Young and Ben Keith.

Harvest Moon cover


1. Unknown Legend
2. From Hank to Hendrix
3. You and Me
4. Harvest Moon
5. War of Man
6. One of These Days
7. Such a Woman
8. Old King
9. Dreamin' Man
10. Natural Beauty

Due to the name and the sound, and also the personnel (Ben Keith, Tim Drummond and Kenny Buttrey was in the studio on both occasions), Harvest Moon can be seen as a late follow-up to Harvest.

In Harvest Moon Neil returns to the acoustic guitar and harmonica after the two rock albums, Freedom and Ragged Glory. The album that for many reminded about the old, “genuine” Young sold platinum.

The critics were mixed though. Some though it was rather bleak while other though of it as a worthy sequel to Harvest.

The songs on Harvest Moon are quiet and sometimes own a disheartened feel. The lyrics often focus of the life in grueling mode: “You know it ain't easy / You got to hold on” and going trough old times: “I found myself singin' / Like a long-lost friend”.


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