Hawks & Doves

The album Hawks & Doves were released in October 1980. The songs were collected from two different periods of recording and put on separates sides on the album. The four songs on side one included songs from the Homegrown sessions in the middle of 1970s and the five songs on side two consisted of new songs.

Hawks & Doves cover


1. Little Wing
2. The Old Homestead
3. Lost in Space
4. Captain Kennedy
5. Stayin' Power
6. Coastline
7. Union Man
8. Comin' Apart at Every Nail
9. Hawks & Doves

The first part of the album is slow paced while country tunes dominate second part. Songs like “Stayin’ Power” and “Coastline” are examples of accessible and bright songs. As the country is concerned, however, the record buyer should instead go for albums like Long May You Run or Old Ways.

Many things had changed in Neil Young's life and the lines:

You're my angel, you're my queen
You're my best friends in between
We don't back down from no trouble
We do get up in the mornin'.

are most likely concerning his new wife Pegi and the trouble probably refers to their son Ben. Ben was born with cerebral palsy and a form of paralysis that caused worries and demanded considerable assistance from the parents.

The lyrics on the title song “Hawks & Doves” was surprising in its patriotic content from an artist that was known to be an allied hippie. It was certainly very far from “Ohio”.

Hawks & Doves couldn’t really compare with the previous album and "Lost in Space" may be the closest it came.


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