Last Time Around

Last Time Around was released in July 1968 and was produced by Jim Messina. The third Buffalo Springfield album was their last and the group at this time was practically already non-existent.

Last Time Around cover


1. On the Way Home
2. It's So Hard to Wait
3. Pretty Girl Why
4. Four Days Gone
5. Carefree Country Day
6. Special Care
7. In the Hour of Not Quite Rain
8. Questions
9. I Am a Child
10. Merry-Go-Round
11. Uno Mundo
12. Kind Woman

Particularly, Neil Young, who wasn’t present at the recordings at all, didn’t like the fact that two of his songs (“On the Way Home” and “I Am a Child”) have been used and that he was on the cover – the photo on the cover is a montage. Besides the absence of Neil where wasn’t one song on the album there the rest of the band would be present simultaneously and it gave the whole product a feeling of collected solo songs.

Soon after Last Time Around was released Neil would go into the studio and record his debut album as a solo artist: Neil Young.

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