Living with War

The album Living With War was released in May 2006 by Neil Young. It was produced by Neil Young, Niko Bolas and L.A. Johnson and was released on the Reprise label.

Living with War cover


1. After the Garden
2. Living with War
3. The Restless Consumer
4. Shock and Awe
5. Families
6. Flags of Freedom
7. Let's Impeach the President
8. Lookin' for a Leader
9. Roger and Out
10. America the Beautiful

It’s apolitical record with disapproving lyrics aimed at the American government and president George W. Bush. The album was itself refused for being too explicit in the political approach.

This explicit political stand against the president and the government culminate in “Let’s Impeach the President”. The first verse goes:

Let's impeach the President for lying
And misleading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door

In November the same year, Neil Young released a second version of the album: Living with War: "In the Beginning. The song list is identical except the last track “America the Beautiful” that has been left out, but the song versions differ.


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