Long May You Run

Long May You Run was released in September 1976 on the Reprise label. The producers involved with the album was Tom Dowd, Don Gehman, Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

Long May You Run cover


1. Long May You Run
2. Make Love to You
3. Midnight on the Bay
4. Black Coral
5. Ocean Girl
6. Let It Shine
7. 12/8 Blues
8. Fontainebleau
9. Guardian Angel

On the album front, it can be read “The Stills-Young Band” and this was a one-time collaboration between Neil Young and former band mate from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Before Long May You Run was released, he and Stephen Stills would also do a tour together without David Crosby and Graham Nash, until Neil abruptly disappeared and the remaining concerts had to be canceled.

From the beginning the album project also involved the other CSNY-members, but David Crosby and Graham Nash would instead do the album Whistling Down the Wire together.

Of the songs, five are written by Young and four by Stills. The songs written by Neil Young are "Long May You Run”, “Midnight on the Bay”, “Ocean Girl”, “Let It Shine” and “Fontainebleau”. Young and Stills also sings their own songs on the album.

Long May You Run is not one of the most memorable albums that Neil Young has been involved in, but it is not without fine moments. The title song “Long May You Run” may be the high point of the album with a warm country melodic atmosphere.

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