Lucky Thirteen

In January 1993 was Lucky Thirteen released as a compilation including some previously unreleased songs or versions of songs. The songs are recordings between 1982 and 1988, a period that is not recognized as especially strong in Neil Young’s career.

Lucky Thirteen cover


1. Sample and Hold
2. Transformer Man
3. Depression Blues
4. Get Gone
5. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
6. Once an Angel
7. Where Is the Highway Tonight?
8. Hippie Dream
9. Pressure
10. Around the World
11. Mideast Vacation
12. Ain't It the Truth
13. This Note's for You

“Sample and Hold” and “Transformer Man” is alternative versions from Trans. “Once an Angel” and “Where Is the Highway Tonight?” is from Old Ways while “Depression Blues” is an outtake from the same album. “Hippie Dream” and “Pressure” is from Landing on Water. Around “Around the World” and “Mideast Vacation” are both from Life. “This Note's for You” is an alternative version from the This Note's for You album. Finally, “Get Gone”, “Don't Take Your Love Away from Me” and “Ain't It the Truth” are previously unreleased and recorded live.

Lucky Thirteen was given to Geffen before Neil Young moved over to Reprise. And that was probably the main purpose for the album and the main reason it exists. The songs are in many cases poles apart, which on the other hand reflected Neil Young's music production from this era.


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