Mirror Ball

The album Mirror Ball was released in June 1995 and was recorded together with members of Pearl Jam. It was produced by Brendan O'Brien.

Mirror Ball cover


1. Song X
2. Act of Love
3. I'm the Ocean
4. Big Green Country
5. Truth Be Known
6. Downtown
7. What Happened Yesterday
8. Peace and Love
9. Throw Your Hatred Down
10. Scenery
11. Fallen Angel

Because of resentments from Pearl Jam's record company, Epic, the songs from the recording sessions written by Eddie Vedder couldn’t be included. Two songs from the Mirror Ball sessions written by Vedder and featuring Young were instead released later the same year on the Merkin Ball EP.

The collaboration between Neil Young and Pearl Jame can be notice in the rock sound which differentiate it from other Neil Young albums. The choice with “Song X” is some peculiar, since it is not very typical for the album as a whole, neither one of the strongest songs. ¬†However, songs like “I’m the Ocean”, “Downtown” and “Throw Your Hatred Down” are melodious and driven rock compositions what probably was given Young some new listeners. The album was also bestowed mostly positive reviews.

Otherwise, Young is singing on all songs except "Peace and Love" in which Vedder also contributes to the vocals.


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