Praire Wind

The album Praire Wind was released in September 2005 by Neil Young. It was produced by Neil Young and Ben Keith and was released on the Reprise label.

Praire Wind cover


1. The Painter
2. No Wonder
3. Falling Off the Face of the Earth
4. Far From Home
5. It's a Dream
6. Prairie Wind
7. Here for You
8. This Old Guitar
9. He Was the King
10. When God Made Me

With Praire Wind Neil Young took a step back to his – what some might consider his “original sound” – from the previous experimental project Greendale. Among the later Neil Young productions, Praire Wind could be included with such albums as Harvest Moon and Silver & Gold, in which the sound centers round the instrumental setup with guitar, piano and harmonica (both acoustic and electric guitar is present).

The album did well on the charts, sold well and was also critical acclaimed.

The songs give a feeling of somebody who is looking back on life from a position there he must deal with what is gone and there it going at. In “It’s A Dream” the chorus repeat: “It's a dream / Only a dream / And it's fading now / Fading away”.


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