Ragged Glory

The album Ragged Glory was released in September 1990 and produced by Neil Young and David Briggs. Once againn Neil Young employed Crazy Horse to be with him in the studio.

Ragged Glory cover


1. Country Home
2. White Line
3. F*!#in' Up
4. Over and Over
5. Love to Burn
6. Farmer John
7. Mansion on the Hill
8. Days That Used to Be
9. Love and Only Love
10. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)

If the previous album Freedom was a big step in the right direction after a mixed production in the eighties, Ragged Glory is a much worthy follow-up to that and even a step forward. Maybe it is the best studio album in both 80s and 90s made by Young.

The electric guitars are in the center and the drums play an important role. “Over and Over” includes a terrific lead guitar and long guitar solos can also be heard in “Love and Only Love”. The impression is, nevertheless, that the compositions let melodic qualities of the songs come through.

With less distortion on the guitars “Mansion on the Hill” (also released as single) and “Days That Used to Be” are both melodically appealing.

The last song on Ragged Glory is a version of the traditional “Water is Wide” in which Neil has arranged new lyrics and title.

Ragged Glory was recorded in a barn and on the album cover the band can be seen there, photographed in fish-eye style.


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