Silver & Gold

The album Silver & Gold Arrow was released in April 2000. It was produced by Neil Young and Ben Keith. It was released on the Reprise label as Young's 23rd recorded studio album.

Silver & Gold cover


1. Good to See You
2. Silver & Gold
3. Daddy Went Walkin'
4. Buffalo Springfield Again
5. The Great Divide
6. Horseshoe Man
7. Red Sun
8. Distant Camera
9. Razor Love
10. Without Rings

Four year after the latest studio album Neil Young released Silver & Gold, containing acoustic songs in folk music style with guitar and harmonica as the main instruments. It is also the third part of the "Harvest trilogy", in which the second album was Harvest Moon.

There is a faint and mellow touch to the songs, as they demand that we listened carefully. It as also reflected in the lyrics, which aren't dark but somewhat melancholy and retrospective.

In the opening track the singer sings that he is at last home again and planning to make up lost time after “been down the endless highway”. In the title song the theme is somewhat similar: the singer has started noticing how the time slips away, but sings about a love to a person that is better than silver and gold, and never gets old. In other songs, the singer looks back at his life and sings about his dad in “Daddy Went Walkin’” and the time in the Buffalo Springfield band (“Buffalo Springfield Again”).

The obscure cover that seems to be in a very low resolution had been taken by Neil's daughters Game Boy camera.


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