Sleep with Angels

Sleeps with Angels is Neil Young's twenty-first studio album and recorded with Crazy Horse. It was released in August 1994 and produced by David Briggs and Neil Young.

Sleep with Angels cover


1. My Heart
2. Prime of Life
3. Driveby
4. Sleeps With Angels
5. Western Hero
6. Change Your Mind
7. Blue Eden
8. Safeway Cart
9. Train of Love
10. Trans Am
11. Piece of Crap
12. A Dream That Can Last

Since the recordings of Harvest Moon Neil Young had released a compilation album (Lucky Thirteen) and recorded a song, “Philadelphia”, was included in the soundtrack to the motion picture with the same name from 1993. “Philadelphia” was a piano driven ballad that resemblance with some of the songs on Sleeps with Angels album.

The guitar was however present in the songs on Sleeps with Angels, with the overdriven way that often marks the sound of Neil Young. Therefore, Sleeps with Angels has probably more similarities with Zuma than Harvest Moon and with the over 14 minutes long “Change Your Mind” as a counterpart to “Cortez the Killer”.

The album was getting many positive reviews. David Fricke that saw in it a tribute to Curt Cobain (that had died a few months before the album was released) wrote in Rolling Stone:

Sleeps With Angels is not the first album Young has made about the widening cracks in the American dream or what's left of it for the teenage refugees after the broken promises of the '60s and the worthless covenants a the Reagan-Bush era. But it is among his best, a dramatic wrestling of song and conscience that suggests - no, insists - that walking through fire doesn't necessarily mean you have to go up in flames. Coming from some other, sorry-ass member of the '60s or 70s rock aristocracy, that would sound like an empty joke. Here, driven home both by agitated guitar and the transportive ripple of those Wild West pianos, it's not only believable, it's inspiring.

A curious fact is that Neil Young also played a flute on the album.


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