Neil Young – books

An overview of books by and about Neil Young. This is not a complete list of all books concerning Neil Young, but a selection with some recommendations. See also movies with Neil Young.

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young (2012)
512 pages
Publisher: Blue Rider Press

Waging Heavy Peace book coverNeil Young has decided to stop drinking and smoking grass at 65. This may influence his songwriting in a negative way, he fears. He has also got a broken toe which makes all concert appearances unfeasible, but he begins writing a book instead, an autobiography.

Waging Heavy Peace is an honest book about Neil Young's personal and music life. The book is sometimes loose and episodic with no clear orientation, but the spontaneous story telling keeps the writer inspired and the openhearted Neil give us lots of interested stuff on the way.

Neil talks about his big interests in model train and cars. He also talks – and sometimes too often – about his projects Pono and Lincvolt. Another subject in the book that he often returns to is the ambivalence of choosing between loyalty to friends or to the “muse”. Neil Young has left many bands, but he explains to us what he always did it because he was giving his full attention to that was the best for the music, his art.

Waging Heavy Peace may not be the last book written by Neil Young, some readers will probably feel some surprise by notice him making schemes of additional books and talking about that he maybe will go for fiction next time.  

Shakey: Neil Young's Biography by Jimmy McDonough (2003)
816 pages
Publisher: Anchor Books
Shakey book cover

Neil Young: Stories Behind the Songs 1966-1992 by Nigel Williamson (2003)
192, pages
Carlton Books
Stories Behind the Songs 1966-1992 book cover

Neil Young: Long May You Run: The Illustrated History by Gary Graff and Daniel Durchholz (2010)
224 pages
Voyageur Press
Neil Young: Long May You Run book cover

Neil and Me by Scott Young (2009)
408 pages
Emblem Editions
Neil and Me book cover