Neil Young – movies

An overview of movies and documentaries with Neil Young. So far the two documentaries Neil Young Journeys and Don't Be Denied are included.

Neil Young Journeys by Jonathan Demme (2011)
Neil Young JourneysNeil Young Journeys is a documentary and concert film from 2011 by Jonathan Demme. This is one of three movies made by Demme about Neil Young – the others two are Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006) and Neil Young Trunk Show (2009).

The main focus in Neil Young Journeys is a performance at Massey Hall in Toronto. Between the songs are interviews with Neil Young driving in his 1956 Crown Victoria around Ontario and point out places from his past.

Don't Be Denied by Eagle Rock Entertainment (2009)

Neil Young JourneysDon’t Be Denied is a one-hour documentary that takes us through Neil’s childhood his music career onward to the Living with War album and tour.

There are interviews with Neil himself, but also primarily with Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Nils Lofgren. Neil talks about his music and somewhat of a major theme is his loyalty to creativity that sometimes conflict with social relations.

More movies will be presented in coming updates...